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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog

Expected Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the core curriculum are divided into two categories: foundational and embedded. All undergraduate students must meet the foundational learning outcomes, which are the same for all students, regardless of discipline or major. Embedded learning outcomes are included in the core requirements of particular degrees or plans of study and are addressed within courses or activities identified within a specific discipline.

Foundational Learning Outcomes
Outcome Requirements
1. Written Communication One course
2. Information Literacy One course
3. Oral Communication One course
4. Science Two courses
5. Science, Technology and Society One course
6. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning One course (minimum College Algebra)
7. Human Cultures: Humanities One course
8. Human Cultures: Behavioral & Social Sciences One course

*All students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours within the foundational core to meet Indiana’s Statewide Transfer General Education Core Curriculum. If a student satisfies all five required foundational areas and has earned fewer than 30 credits, he or she must complete an additional course(s) from any foundational area in order to meet the minimum state requirement of 30 credit hours. However, if a student satisfies all five required foundational areas in fewer than 30 credit hours and remains at the Purdue-West Lafayette campus through graduation, he or she will be considered as having completed the core curriculum. The requirement for 30 credit hours applies only when the student may transfer to another Indiana institution and wants his/her core curriculum to count.

Alignment of Indiana’s Statewide Transfer General Education Core and Purdue’s Core Curriculum

Statewide Transfer General Education Core FAQs

Embedded Learning Outcomes
1. Communication Faculty within each program area will be responsible for determining where and at what level embedded outcomes will be met within their programs. In addition, program area faculty will be solely responsible for assessing student learning on embedded outcomes within their courses.
2. Ways of Thinking
3. Interpersonal Skills and Intercultural Knowledge