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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix I

General Proposal Format for

Combined Degree Programs


Combined degree programs are described in Section I-F-3. The proposal, prepared as described below, should be submitted to the dean of the Graduate School, with the signatures of the head(s) and academic dean(s) of the programs involved.

A. Title Page

  1. names of the multiple degree program
  2. name(s) of the department(s) and college/school(s) collaborating to offer the combined or dual degree
  3. proposed date of initiation

B. Signature Page (sample below)

C. Content

  1. Proposal Summary
  2. Degrees to be Conferred.
  3. Rationale and Need for the Combined or Dual-Degree – Include a description of the impact and benefits of the proposed program and the relationships of the proposed program to the mission and scope of the campus, to already existing campus programs, and to human resource supply and demand.
  4. Objectives of the Combined or Dual-Degree Program
  5. Proposed Program Structure
    1. admission requirements and process
    2. degree requirements
    3. scope, size of the program
    4. administrative structure – Include a description of the curriculum for the program, including plans of study for each of the separate programs, with specific notations of courses (numbers and titles) to be used to fulfill requirements for each program in the combined or dual-degree plan.
  6. Sustainability and Impact on the State and Region
  7. Staffing and Infrastructure – Describe the resources over and above present levels required to initiate the program (space and other physical needs, faculty and staff, fiscal needs, other).

(Approved by the Graduate Council 2/16/06)

Combined Degree Program