Dec 17, 2018  
2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix U



Graduate School Form 25                                                                                          □ Request for New Concentration

                         (Revised 01/15)                                                                                                          □ Request for Revision of Existing Concentration

                                                                                                                                                             □ Request for Deletion of Existing Concentration





Request for a Concentration


Heads of graduate programs may request that one or more concentration(s) be established within their majors, to allow a specialized area of graduate study to be reflected on a student’s final transcript.  A minimum of (9) nine credit hours of graded, graduate level coursework, i.e., 50000 and 60000 level courses, is required for a concentration.


Graduate Program (Major) ______________________________________________________ Major Code ________


Title of Concentration _________________________________________________________________________


Effective Session:  ­­­______ Fall ______ Spring _____ Summer                 Academic year:  201 _____ - 201 _____   


Degrees to which this concentration applies: Mode of Delivery (i.e.: Campus Based/ Distance-Online):

____________     Master of Science                                                ______________________________________________

____________     Master of Arts                                                      ______________________________________________

____________     Doctor of Philosophy                                          _______________________________________________

____________     Other  ______________________ ________________________________________________________


Campus(s) at which this concentration applies:

____________     Calumet

____________     Fort Wayne

____________     Indianapolis

____________     North Central
____________     West Lafayette


  • Justification:  Please address the following topics (in order) when requesting a concentration:  (Attach additional sheets as necessary.)
  • Statement of the mission of the proposed concentration including, but not limited to, the need for the concentration, the target audience, the relationship to the major under which the concentration will be listed, and the relationship to other concentrations in the degree program
  • Focus of the research or professional program
  • Participating faculty, including name, academic rank, and departmental affiliation
  • Currently enrolled or expected number of students
  • Core courses and a description of how they fit into and support the degree program.  List only the courses required for this concentration.
  • Learning outcomes (e.g., unique knowledge or abilities, capacity to identify and conduct original research, ability to communicate to peer audiences, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, etc.).



Recommended by:                                                                                 Approved by:

______________________________________________________    ______________________________________ _____________________

                Head of the Graduate Program                         Date                    Graduate School Dean (West Lafayette)                        Date



______________________________________________________     Concentration Code ___ ___ ___ ___

                        Academic Dean                                        Date                (To be assigned by the Office of the Registrar if this request is for a new concentration)


___________________________________                ____________    _________________________________________________  

Additional Authorizing Signature (if applicable)                 Date                  Contact person (& e-mail address) for questions regarding form



Please submit this form to the Graduate School, PWL.  An approved copy will be returned to the department and academic college/school at the campus recommending the request.