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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Engineering Studies Minor

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The Global Engineering Minor is designed for engineering students to be able to document significant demonstrated global experience and professional growth while at Purdue.

To qualify for this minor, students will participate in a comprehensive program integrating substantial on-campus and international (non-native) experiences. To earn the Minor, students must complete ENGR 20100  (Engineering in Global Context) as a core requirement. They will also select and complete: a) any TWO options from the first (Global Engineering Experience) category listed below, and any ONE option from the second (Other Global Experience) category, OR b) any THREE options from the first category (Global Engineering Experience). As a final core requirement, students must enroll in GEP 49500 (Global Engineering Portfolio).

Core Requirements

  • ENGR 20100 - Engineering In Global Context - Completion of ENGR 20100 , Engineering in Global Context (3 credit-hours, offered every Fall and Spring semester). Students are strongly encouraged to take this course within a year of declaring their intent to pursue the minor, and prior to any travel-based experiences (e.g., study, work, or research abroad). Students in the GEARE program may substitute ME 29700  (Global Engineering Orientation - GEARE) for this course.
  • GEP 49500 - Successful completion of GEP 49500, Global Engineering Portfolio (1 credit-hour, offered every Fall and Spring semester). Involves preparation and presentation of final, culminating documentation of the student’s experiences and competency development while fulfilling the minor requirements, such as in the form of an electronic portfolio or poster. Detailed instructions and guidelines related to this requirement are provided to students upon entry to the minor.

Elective Requirements

Global Engineering Experience - Choose any two

  • Engineering Term Abroad - One term of study abroad with 6 or more credits of engineering-related coursework at a strategic global university partner. The list of strategic global university partners is maintained and continuously updated by the Global Engineering Program Team (GEPT).
  • Departmental Study Abroad - Short-term study abroad experience offered in the College of Engineering, typically occurring during winter break, spring break, or Maymester. Must involve enrollment in 3 or more credits.
  • International Engineering Internship - One international internship at a strategic global industry partner or under the auspices of a global organization, of duration two or more months. The list of the strategic industry partners and global organizations is maintained and continuously updated by the Global Engineering Program Team (GEPT).
  • Research Term Abroad - One term of research abroad (e.g., as in the Hannover or Clausthal programs).
  • International Engineering Design Project - Successful participation in at least 2 credits of project work with a global partner. The key objective is to enable and recognize the intense, personal experience of working with students and/or professionals from a different culture over an extended period of time on a project where the global context of the work is essential. As part of the global project work, students must submit a written technical report and/or give an oral presentation. Most students will meet this requirement through participation in Global Design Teams (GEP 10000  -GEP 40000 ), global EPICS (EPCS 10100 -EPCS 41200 ), or a senior capstone project.

Other Global Experience - Choose one, OR select a third option from the GEE list

  • Traditional Study Abroad - One term of any traditional study abroad program is acceptable for this option.
  • Language Proficiency - Demonstrate proficiency in a second language up to the 202 course level in at least one non-native language. The 12 credit requirement include credits established by examination. The 12 credits of language courses will normally be completed before the student participates in study or professional practice experiences abroad.
  • Cultural Knowledge - Demonstrate proficiency in an understanding of cultures by completing 12 credits of coursework in culture-oriented courses. The 12 credits can include credits established by examination, but at least 6 of the 12 credits must be taken at Purdue-West Lafayette. A list of approved Cultural Knowledge courses appears as Appendix A below, and will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect ongoing changes in course availability.

Other Requirements

  • Grades - A grade of “C” or better in all courses that are counted toward the minor.

Appendix A

Cultural Knowledge Courses


Expired Course

Any course without a link to its description is one that has been expired.  However, this course could fulfill the degree requirement historically.

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