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2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix P




Graduate Council Document No. 06-E

                                                                 Approved by the Graduate Council on October 19, 2006




Adding a Thesis Option to a Currently Approved

Non-Thesis Option Masters Degree Program


Background Information:  Currently, many Purdue University graduate programs have been approved as non-thesis option, Master of Science programs. The opportunity is now available for currently approved, non-thesis option, masters degree programs to request the addition of the thesis option.

A. Submission and Approval Process

  1. Proposal submitted via the Curriculog electronic proposal workflow system.
  2. Administrative review by the Graduate School (A revised proposal may be requested.)
  3. Proposal forwarded to the appropriate Graduate Council area committee for review and recommendation to the council
  4. Graduate Council makes recommendation on approval to the dean of the Graduate School
  5. Dean of the Graduate School provides final approval

B. General Proposal Format

  1. Name of the proposed degree program
  2. Title of the degree to be conferred
  3.  Academic area of field of study, department, and college/school involved
  4. Proposed date of initiation of the thesis-option program
  5. Rationale for offering the thesis option
  6. Admission and degree requirements (Include a sample plan of study.)
  7. Sustainability and expected outcomes of the thesis option program
  8. Graduate faculty participating in the program (Include a brief resume of each faculty member.)
  9. Description of required resources (Indicate additional resources, beyond current levels, required for program implementation, including additional personnel, space, and other fiscal need.)