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2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix E

(Completion of Appendix O , Gainful Employment Worksheet, is required)

Graduate Council Document 99-G
(Approved by the Graduate Council 11/18/99)
(Revised 4/19/01)
(Revised TOEFL Requirements and added a sample signature page 8/07)
(Document reformatted 3/23/12)
(Document revised per new ICHE and HLC guidelines 8/28/12)

Graduate Level, Academic Credit Certificate Programs At Purdue University

I. Overview


In accordance with the document entitled “Procedures for Approving New Certificate Programs at Purdue University,” issued by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs on 10/6/95, two types of certificate programs are administered by the Graduate School:  1) all graduate certificate programs, and 2) postbaccalaureate certificates with 50% or more of their courses at the 50000 level or higher.

In general, the Graduate School views certificate programs that fall under its purview as being practitioner oriented, postbaccalaureate programs of study that are less than a master’s degree, and programs that require a baccalaureate degree for admission.  A certificate program that requires 75% or more of its credits to be taken at the 50000 level or higher shall be designated as a graduate certificate program.  Otherwise, the certificate program shall simply be designated as a postbaccalaureate certificate program.

Sections II - IV describe admission requirements, completion requirements, and administrative procedures for such certificate programs specified by the Graduate School. Finally, Section V provides additional information regarding the preparation of proposals for new certificate programs.

II. Admission requirements

  1. Items which are specified by the Graduate School
    1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
    2. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0 with the possibility of conditional admission for applicants who do not meet this requirement.
    3. Minimum TOEFL score of 550 or higher on the paper-based test, or 77 or higher on the Internetbased test (iBT) for applicants whose native language is not English. Applicants who take the TOEFL iBT must achieve the following minimum test scores, in addition to the overall required score of at least 77: reading, 19; listening, 14; speaking, 18, and writing, 18. Applicants taking the IELTS must score at least 6.5 on the Academic Module. Applicants taking the PTE must score at least 58.

III. Completion requirements

Items which are specified by the Graduate School

  1. The certificate shall require a minimum of 9 credit hours, taken for a letter grade.  (No maximum number of hours is specified; and no restriction is placed on how courses that exceed the 9 hour minimum shall be graded.)
  2. No more than 12 credit hours earned in nondegree status, including credit hours earned toward completion of a single certificate or more than one certificate, may be applied toward a graduate degree.
  3. Courses that have been certified as undergraduate excess may be used to satisfy requirements for a certificate.

IV. Administration

Items which are specified by the Graduate School

  1. Admission process – In general, the admission process should parallel that for degree-seeking students at the graduate level.
  2. To facilitate tracking of students who are enrolled in certificate programs, the Office of the Registrar will establish a special admission status for such individuals.
  3. When a student completes requirements for a certificate, the graduate program responsible for that certificate will notify the Graduate School.  The audit process for certifying completion of requirements is the responsibility of the academic unit awarding the certificate.  The audit must include (a) the title of the certificate, (b) the department/school awarding the certificate, (c) the name of the student including PUID, (d) student status, i.e. degree or non-degree student including PUID, (e) the complete name of each course, including course prefix and number, (f) the grade in each course, and (g) the semester and year each course is completed.  Names and mailing addresses for non-degree students must be included with the audit.  The Graduate School will then notify the Office of the Registrar.
  4. Transcripting
    1. Will be consistent for all graduate certificate programs throughout the Purdue system.
    2. Each certificate earned will be posted separately upon completion of the requirements.
    3. Graduate certificates will be recorded in the following manner:
      Awarded: Graduate Certificate
      Program: (department name) - Grad Cert
      College: Graduate School
      Campus: (campus name)
      Major: (graduate certificate title)
      Postbaccalaureate certificates will be recorded in the same manner with the word “GRADUATE” replaced by “POST-BACCALAUREATE.”
    4. Credits earned toward a certificate will be included in the computation of the overall GPA posted on the transcript.
  1. The certificate, itself, will be printed by the Office of the Registrar at the West Lafayette campus. All certificates under the purview of the Graduate School that are awarded by Purdue University will share a common format and style. A sample is attached to this document.
  2. The certificate will be awarded jointly by the appropriate academic unit and the Graduate School. It will bear the signature of the head of the academic unit and the dean of the Graduate School.
  3. Certificates will be awarded at the normal times when degrees are awarded. The Office of the Registrar will include the certificate with the diploma for degree seeking students and mail the certificate to non-degree students.
  4. The academic unit offering the certificate must submit an annual report to the Graduate Council containing the following information:
    1. the number of students currently admitted to the certificate program
    2. for each admitted student:
      • date admitted
      • whether or not the student is also currently admitted to a degree program at Purdue, and if so, which degree
      • number of credits completed toward fulfillment of certificate requirements
    3. the number of certificates awarded annually

The Office of the Registrar will assist in generating this information.

V. Guidelines and Format for New Certificate Programs

  1. Title Page
    1. Title of the Proposed Certificate Program Offered By (Name(s) of Department(s)/School(s) and College(s) Offering the Certificate)
    2. Campus Offering the Certificate
    3. Proposed Date of Initiation of the Certificate Program
    4. State Whether the Certificate is Graduate or Postbaccalaureate
    5. Method(s) of Delivery:
      • on campus
      • via distance learning
      • online
    6. Suggest a CIP code for the new program. The final determination of the CIP code is up to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE).
  2. Overview
    1. Provide an overview of the certificate program proposal.
    2. Briefly describe the purpose of the program, why it is needed, the target audience, the number of students expected to participate in the program, and the relation to relevant existing certificate programs, if any. Indicate whether the certificate is available to currently enrolled degree seeking students and/or non-degree seeking students. If certificate will be available to non-degree seeking students, provide demonstration of student demand. Indicate what percentage of the students who are expected to participate in the certificate program will be concurrently working toward a graduate degree at Purdue University.
    3. How does the program fit into the department’s/school’s strategic and/or academic plan?
    4. Briefly describe the nature of the certificate and any contractual or cooperative agreements with this certificate program. If you have partnered or contracted with a non-accredited entity, either institution or corporation, to offer courses (content or platform), identify the information or services provided by the entity and the percentage or portion of the educational program the entity is providing.
    5. Attach a completed Purdue University Gainful Employment (GE) Certificate Worksheet (Appendix N). To be completed by the department head to determine Title IV Federal Student Aid eligibility for certificate programs. Questions regarding the completion of the worksheet should be directed to the Executive Director, Department of Financial Aid.
    6. Describe any specific licenses or certifications which graduates of the program will be eligible to pursue, including the agency that issues the license or grants the certification. Indicate whether the license or certification is required for entry into the profession, and the extent to which it will help graduates find jobs or earn higher salaries.
  3. Admission Requirements
    1. If admission requirements exceed these required by the Graduate School, describe them: (a) degree prerequisites, (b) minimum GPA, (c) minimum scores for the TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, and IELTS, if not, restate the requirements of the Graduate School.
    2. If admission requirements exceed these required by the Graduate School, describe them: (a) degree prerequisites, (b) minimum GPA, (c) minimum scores for the TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, and IELTS, if not, restate the requirements of the Graduate School.
      1. complete the certificate if it is in their major; or
      2. complete the certificate if it is not in their major.

        If the certificate program involves more than one major, items a) and b) above must be specified for students admitted to a degree program in each major, i.e., Is a degree-seeking student in major A, eligible to complete a certificate in major A? Is this student eligible to complete a certificate in major B? etc.
  4. Completion Requirements
    Based on the Graduate School policies described in this document (III. Completion requirements) provide the following information:
    1. Total number of credit hours required.
    2. Total number of credit hours that must be taken for a letter grade. (It is assumed that any additional for-credit courses may be taken pass/fail.)
    3. Specific course requirements, including any not-for-credit courses. (For any not-for-credit courses, the method of determining and signifying satisfactory completion of course requirements should be stated, e.g., pass/fail, or other, such as “excellent”, “very good”, or “good”, but not “fair”.)
      1. Include course numbers, titles, and a brief description of each.
      2. Identify any courses that were developed specifically for this certificate.
    4. GPA requirements
      1. Minimum overall GPA for courses that are to be used to fulfill certificate requirements. Only courses taken for a letter grade may be included in this computation.
      2. Minimum grade for any course to be applied toward the certificate.
    5. Maximum number of credits that may be transferred from another institution
    6. Maximum number of credits from undergraduate-level courses that may be used toward the certificate.
    7. Maximum time allowed for completion of the certificate.
    8. Whether or not courses may be applied for credit toward more than one certificate. The Graduate School considers a certificate to signify competence in a particular area of study, and recognizes that such areas may overlap. On the other hand, there may be some courses for which it would not be appropriate to allow credit toward more than one certificate. Such restrictions, if any, should be stated.
    9. Number of credit hours taken prior to admission to the certificate program that may be counted toward completion of the certificate.
  5. Student Learning and Assessment Outcomes - Briefly describe any specific learning outcomes, skills, and competencies students will learn after completing the certificate program.
  6. Administration
    1. Based on Graduate School policies described in this document (IV. Administration) describe how the responsible graduate program(s) will administer the certificate. Pay particular attention to IV. Administration numbers 3, 6, 7, and 8.
    2. Proposals must be approved by the following:
      1. Head(s) of graduate program(s) and academic dean(s) of the department(s) or program(s) that will offer the certificate.
      2. Graduate Council-The appropriate area committee will review requests for certificate programs and make a recommendation to the Council. When an area committee is not accessible, the dean of the Graduate School may appoint and ad hoc committee to review the proposal.
      3. The dean of the Graduate School reviews and forwards recommendation to the Provost.
      4. The provost reviews and forwards proposal to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE).
      5. ICHE may approve through routine staff action.
      6. ICHE notifies the Office of the Provost.
      7. The Office of the Provost notifies the dean of the Graduate School and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
      8. The dean of the Graduate School will contact the department with the decision and inform the Office of the Registrar when a new certificate program has been approved.
      9. The dean of the Graduate School reports the approval to the Graduate Council.

Sample Signature Page   

Appendix O  , Gainful Employment Worksheet, is now included with Appendix E (for the completion of a graduate certificate proposal)