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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HHS Policies & Procedures

HHS Pass / Not-Pass Policy
Students enrolled in the College of Health & Human Sciences may take courses under the Pass / Not-Pass option subject to the following regulations:
  1. A maximum of 24 credits of elective courses under the Pass / Not-pass grading option can be used toward graduation requirements

  2. A student may elect the Pass / Not-Pass option for elective courses only, unless a department / academic unit requires that a specific departmental course/s be taken Pass / Not-Pass.

  3. The option may not be adopted for any courses used to fulfill any HHS minor requirements.

  4. In addition to elective courses, students may elect to take University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses Pass / Not-Pass; however, some major Plans of Study require courses that also fulfill UCC foundational outcomes.In such cases, students may not elect the Pass / Not-Pass option.

    1. If the Pass / Not-Pass option is exercised for a UCC course, students must pass the course in which the foundational outcome is addressed based on Purdue’s approved grading scale (including a grade of P). Passing the course indicates that the student has satisfactorily met the foundational outcome (Provost Curriculum FAQ).

  5. If a student elects to take a course P/NP, the student will indicate which course is taken P/NP at the time the student registers. Standard registration procedures, such as the rules governing drop/add, withdrawal from courses, etc., will be followed.  The deadlines for when the grade mode of a course can be modified can be found on the drop/add/modify calendar.

  6. The Pass / Not-Pass option cannot be elected for a course that already appears on a student’s academic record, with the exception of when a student repeats a course previously taken with the Pass / Not-Pass option.

  7. A student who passes a course, which is required by an HHS department / academic unit, under the option, while enrolled in another school or college at Purdue University, and switches / CODOs into an HHS program, will be required to complete the course for a grade. With departmental / academic unit approval, switch/CODO students could use a P/NP course to satisfy a program requirement.



Regarding “G” of the proposed policy: until the University Educational Policy and Curriculum (EPC) Committee amends the current repeat regulation, the Registrar will permit exceptions to repeat with a grade if previously taken P/N in another program with an e-mail from the advisor indicating it is a degree requirement.