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2014-2015 University Catalog 
2014-2015 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDPS 30102 - Social-Emotional Aspects Of Learning In Diverse Environments

Credit Hours: 3.00. The course examines the role of social emotional competence in learning and builds understandings of the inter-relationships between theory, empirical evidence, and instructional practice. It takes the perspective that experiences across different learning contexts are interrelated and may influence each other in reciprocal ways. The course views social-emotional dimensions of learning as: embedded in person-environment transactions; tied to specific instructional (formal and/or informal) contexts over time; co-evolving with cognition and language; critical to psychological, behavioral, and learning outcomes. The focus is on intersection of social-emotional competence, learning, and instruction. The course is intended to provide the foundations (theoretical and empirical) that can help those interested in formal and informal instructional environments make informed educational decisions by considering the social-emotional dimensions of learning. Typically offered Fall Spring.