Mar 22, 2023  
2014-2015 University Catalog 
2014-2015 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

OBHR 64300 - Compensation And Reward Systems II

Credit Hours: 2.00. Continuation of OBHR 64200 . The second course in a two-course master’s-level sequence that focuses on the use of rewards to achieve organizational objectives. Included are the use of rewards to attract, retain, and motivate employee behaviors in cost effective methods. Includes pay for performance programs, employee benefits, job design, promotion, recognition, and other rewards. Lectures, discussions, case studies, and guest speakers are used to build professional competence in these areas. Prerequisite: OBHR 63100 , OBHR 64200  or OBHR 63300 , MGMT 67100  or STAT 51200 . Typically offered Fall Spring.