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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English (Graduate)

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Department/School Head:

Krista L. Ratcliffe

Academic Programs:

Master’s and Ph.D. Programs

PhD Program

To qualify for a doctoral degree, the candidate must meet University and Department requirements as to minimum hours of credit (30), residence, foreign language proficiency, and grades (cumulative GPA no less than 3.0). The candidate must also:

  • Pass one written preliminary examination
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a secondary area by either course work or a second written preliminary examination
  • Submit and defend a dissertation prospectus
  • Write and defend a dissertation.

MA Program

To qualify for a master’s degree, the candidate must meet university and departmental requirements as to hours of credit, residence, required courses, foreign language proficiency, and grades (cumulative GPA no less than 3.0). The candidate must also pass the M.A. examination or write a satisfactory thesis.

All students in Literature, English Language and Linguistics, and Rhetoric and Composition must complete two core courses: Methods of English Studies and one course in English Language and Linguistics. All M.A. students also must take at least one 600-level seminar.

Students concentrating in Literature must take one course in each of five separate areas of literature listed below.

  • Medieval
  • Renaissance (16th and 17th centuries)
  • 18th century
  • 19th century
  • 20th/ 21st century

Students emphasizing Rhetoric and Composition must take one course in at least three separate areas of literature from the five listed above.

MFA Program

The MFA program requires completion of thirty-six credits plus twelve thesis credits and a mid-sized book-quality manuscript written under the supervision of a committee chaired by a member of the creative writing committee.

The creative writing concentration has its own core requirements:

  • 12 credits of ENGL 60600  or ENGL 60900  (Writing Poetry or Writing Fiction). It is recommended that all 12 hours be taken in the student’s major genre.
  • 3 credits in ENGL 60700  (Craft of Fiction or Craft of Poetry), to be taken in the student’s major genre.
  • 15 credits chosen from other English Department Graduate Courses.
  • 12 credits in ENGL 69800 .

The creative writing concentration requires demonstration of proficiency in a foreign language. It does not require ENGL 50100  or ENGL 50600 . It does not require a comprehensive examination, though it does require a thesis defense.

Concentrations (Areas of Study):

  • Creative Writing
  • Second Language Studies/ESL
  • English Language & Linguistics
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Theory and Cultural Studies
  • Literary Studies:
    • Medieval
    • Renaissance
    • Eighteenth Century
    • Nineteenth Century
    • Twentieth and Twenty-first Century

Graduate Certificates (Degree or Non-Degree Students):

  • English as a Second Language
  • Natural Language Processing
  • English Language and Linguistics

Regular Graduate Faculty by Rank:


Dorsey Armstrong
Margie Berns
Marianne Boruch
Angelica Duran
John Duvall
Wendy Stallard Flory
Sandor Goodhart
Shaun Hughes
Richard Johnson-Sheehan
Robert Lamb
Clayton Lein
Brian Leung
Alfred Lopez
Daniel Morris
Venetria Patton
Nancy Peterson
Donald Platt
Arkady Plotnitsky
Victor Raskin
Krista Ratcliffe
Thomas Rickert
Charles Ross
James Saunders
Tony Silva
Patricia Sullivan
Irwin Weiser
Paul Whitfield White

Associate Professor

Emily Allen
Jennifer Bay
Elena Benedicto
Samantha Blackmon
Kristina Bross
Marlo David
Dorothy Deering
Harry Denny
Bradley Dilger
Lance Duerfahrd
Dino Franco Felluga
Elaine Francis
Geraldine Friedman
Roxane Gay
April Ginther
Tara Johnson
Michael Johnston
Christian Knoeller
Maren Linett
Christopher Lukasik
Robyn Malo
Robert Marzec
Mary Niepokuj
Derek Pacheco
Manushag Powell
Aparajita Sagar
Michael Salvo
Ryan Schneider
Melanie Shoffner
Sharon Solwitz

Assistant Professor

Harris Bras
Jennifer Freeman Marshall


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