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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Comparative Pathobiology (Graduate)

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Department/School Head:

Suresh K. Mittal

Academic Programs:

Master’s and Ph.D. Programs

  • Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees to persons possessing the DVM degree and to those with a baccalaureate degree and comprehensive training in the biological sciences

Concentrations (Areas of Study):

  • Areas of study include animal welfare science and human-animal interaction, cancer biology, infectious diseases, bacteriology, epidemiology, immunology, laboratory and experimental medicine, parasitology, pathology, public health, toxicology, virology, and molecular genetics.

Regular Graduate Faculty by Rank:


Alan M. Beck
Joseph W. Camp
Candace Croney
Harm HogenEsch
Stephen B. Hooser
Chang H. Kim
Regina A. Kreisle
Tsang-Long Lin
Joanne B. Messick
Margaret A. Miller
Suresh K. Mittal
Jose Ramos-Vara
Timothy Ratliff
Willie M. Reed
Patricia Wakenell

Associate Professor

John A. Christian
Yava Jones-Hall
Stephen D. Lenz
Sulma Mohammed
Roman Pogranichniy
Mohamed Seleem

Assistant Professor

Abigail C. Durkes
Keke C. Fairfax
L. Tiffany Lyle
Maggie E. O’Haire
Andrea Piresdos Santos
Audrey Ruple
Hsin-Yi Weng
Samuel L. Yingst
GuangJun Zhang

Emeritus Faculty

Charles Armstrong
Robert Claflin
Sayed Gaafar
Larry Glickman
Donald Gustafson
Edward Haelterman
Daniel Harrington
Evelyn Kazacos
Kevin Kazacos
Rose Raskin
Alan Rebar
Lewis Runnels
H. Leon Thacker
William Van Alstine




      Comparative Pathobiology

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