May 18, 2021  
2020-2021 University Catalog 
2020-2021 University Catalog

Computer and Information Technology Minor

Requirements for the Minor (15 credits)

Required Courses (15 credits)


  • CNIT Selectives are any course that will fulfill a CIT Major required course (Click here for Computer and Information Technology, BS  )
  • 2.0 GPA in all minor courses
  • No course may be taken pass/fail
  • Transfer credit, course substitutions, and credit by exam limited to 3.00 credit hours
  • The following courses will fulfill the CNIT 15501  requirement:
  1. CNIT 10500 , or CNIT 17500  (does not count as substitution)
  2. CS 17700 , CS 18000 , CGT 21500  or any 3.00 credit programming course at Purdue (counts as a substitution)
  • CNIT 13600  cannot be used to fulfill the minor requirements
  • Course requisites (pre-requisites, concurrent pre-requisites, and restrictions) must be met
  • 30000 level courses require permission from CIT Advisor
  • Minors will be accommodated during open registration periods.
  • The CIT minor can be attached to any Purdue University major that will accommodate or allow it.


The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements.

The myPurduePlan powered by DegreeWorks is the knowledge source for specific requirements and completion.