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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UX Design Supplemental Course Information

Written or Oral Communication

Math Selective

  • MA 15910 or higher

Technical Elective

Any Course within the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, Engineering, Management, or Science. Subjects include: AAE, ABE, AFT, ASTR, AT, BCHM, BCM, BIOL, BME, BMS, CE, CGT, CHE, CHM, CLPH, CM, CNIT, CPB, CS, EAPS, ECE, ECET, ECON, EEE, ENE, ENFY, ENGR, ENGT, ENTM, ENTR, EPCS, GEP, IDE, IE, IET, EPPH, IT, MA, MCMP, ME, MET, MFET, MGMT, MSE, MSL, NS, NUCL, NUPH, NUR, OBHR, OLS, PHPR, PHRM, PHYS, PTEC, SCI, STAT, TECH, & TLI. PHIL 20700 Ethics for Technology, Engineering & Design also allowed.

Any course from Computer Graphics Technology (CGT), Computer Information Technology (CNIT) or Computer Science (CS) are highly recommended.

Human Cultures: Humanities (HUM) Core

Approved Human Cultures:Humanities Core Courses

Human Cultures: Behavioral/Social Science (BSS) Core

Science, Technology & Society (STS) Core

Approved Science, Technology & Society Core Courses

CGT Globalization Selective

Other Requirements:

Intercultural Requirement:

  1. Complete Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Pre-test and Post Test.

  2. Complete Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI) Pre-test and Post Test.

  3. Complete CGT Global Course, Faculty Lead Study Abroad, International Internship, or International Capstone/Collaborative Project

Humanities Requirement (1 required):

  1. Participation in Computational Arts Circle

  2. Complete courses within major that have Humanities Integrated into their assignments

  3. Complete course within major that have partnered with Humanities Professor

  4. Complete 2 additional Humanities Courses which would complete the Cornerstone Requirement

Professional Requirement (1 required):

  1. Complete an Internship

  2. Complete a Co-op

  3. Employment during the academic year related to Major Field of Study

  4. Complete an in-class internship-like experience created by Major

  5. Student Proposed Alternative: must be commensurate with the expectations of Professional Requirements related to Major Field of Study