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2014-2015 University Catalog 
2014-2015 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aviation Management, BS

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About the Program

Students in the program develop strong managerial and operational skills. Courses also stress critical thinking, decision-making, and communication abilities coupled with a technical background. Teamwork and responsibility are emphasized.

Students have the chance to work on research projects with airlines and airports to help them improve performance.

Purdue’s aviation management program is recognized by the airport, aviation, airline, and aerospace industries for its high quality programs and graduates.

This program can be completed in three years; ask an academic advisor how.

Students in this program can apply to participate in five-year combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program in aviation technology.

The bachelor’s degree in aviation management is accredited by Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).

Aviation Management Website

Summary of Program Requirements

The Summary of Program Requirements for Aviation Management  is a comprehensive list of those categories which a student must fulfill in order to earn their degree. Unlike the full Detailed Program Requirements listed below, complete lists of selectives for any given category are not shown. These summaries are intended to be printer-friendly and less expansive in detail.

Detailed Program Requirements

Please see below for detailed program requirements and possible selective fulfillments.

120 credits for graduation

Departmental/Program Major Courses (111 credits)

Other Departmental /Program Course Requirements (52 credits)

Electives (9 credits)

  • Free Electives - Credit Hours: 9.00

University Core Requirements

Program Requirements


14 Credits

16 Credits

15 Credits

Spring 2nd Year

Fourth Semester

15 Credits

Fall 3rd Year

Fifth Semester

  • Aviation Management Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Aviation Management Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Thematic Area Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Behavioral / Social Science Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00

15 Credits

Spring 3rd Year

Sixth Semester

15 Credits

Fall 4th Year

Seventh Semester

15 Credits

Spring 4th Year

Eighth Semester

  • Thematic Area Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Aviation Management Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Technical Communication Selective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Free Elective - Credit Hours: 3.00
  • Globalization - Credit Hours: 0.00

15 Credits


120 semester credits required for Bachelor of Science degree.

2.0 Graduation GPA required for Bachelor of Science degree.

Degree Requirements

The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements.

Degree Works is knowledge source for specific requirements and completion

Purdue policy states that a student may attempt a course no more than three times. An attempt is defined as all courses displayed on a student transcript having grades of (including, but not limited to) A, B, C, D, E, F, W, WF, I and IF.

Aviation Technology Fall 2014 Curriculum Details

Science, Humanities, and Behavioral/Social Science Selectives per UCC listing

Thematic Area Selective Requirement

(Can be fulfilled by any of the following):

  • Any University-approved minor
  • 6 credit hours of 20000- or higher-level courses AND 6 credit hours of 30000 or higher-level courses from any of the following departments: AT, EAS, ECON, ENTR, HTM, IT, MGMT, OLS, or POL
  • 12 consecutive credit hours in a Foreign Language

Aviation Management

Aviation Management selectives may consist of any 30000, 40000, or 50000 level AT prefixed courses.

Air Traffic Control Focus Area

Any student in the Aviation Management major is eligible to complete the FAA CTI program. A detailed explanation of the curriculum is available online at Required courses for the Air Traffic Control focus area are AT 28500 , AT 36900 , and AT 47900 .

Airport Management

Recommended courses for the Airport Management focus area are AT 35900 AT 45100  and AT 45900 .

Airline Management

Recommended courses for the Airline Management focus area are AT 33800  and AT 43800 .

Airframe & Powerplant Certificate

AENT students are highly encouraged to enroll in the following courses in order to receive the FAA A&P certificate. These courses can be utilized to meet the Thematic Area graduation requirements.

Globalization Requirement

Due to the international nature of the aviation industry, all B.S. degree students must meet the department’s globalization requirement through one of the following options:

  • Complete any university-sponsored study abroad program lasting at least 7 days
  • Complete an internship or approved international research project that involves at least 7 days of international travel
  • Provide documentation of having lived/traveled outside the U.S. for at least 15 days after a student’s 12th birthday.
  • Complete or place out of the Level IV (12 credit hours) course in any 1 foreign language.

Foreign Language Courses

Foreign Language proficiency requirements vary by program.  For acceptable languages and proficiency levels, see your advisor:

American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, (ancient) Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Critical Course

The ♦ course is considered critical. A Critical Course is one that a student must be able to pass to persist and succeed in a particular major.

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