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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix A


Purdue University Graduate Staff Appointments and Minimum Salaries

Graduate Staff Appointment Categories

Graduate Lecturer: The responsibilities of the Graduate Lecturer are similar to those of the Graduate Teaching Assistant but at a more senior level.  Appointment to this category is based on demonstrated excellence in teaching as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and is made at the discretion of a department head or in a manner consistent with the governance of a particular academic unit.  For more information, see “Policies for Graduate Staff” (Number 3) below. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant: The responsibilities of the Graduate Teaching Assistant could include any tasks related to the instruction of students.  Graduate Teaching Assistants might have primary responsibility for a course, a section of a course, a recitation section, or a laboratory section.  A Graduate Teaching Assistant might serve as a tutor or provide assistance to a faculty member, with such tasks as grading papers, preparing hand-outs, placing materials on the Web, or assisting in clinical or extension education assignments.

Graduate Research Assistant: A Graduate Research Assistant performs duties related to a research project or program under the guidance and direction of specific faculty members.  Any graduate student staff member who is assigned to perform research duties should be classified in this category, regardless of the funding source.

Graduate Administrative/Professional: Duties that are generally administrative and/or professional in nature and are assigned to a graduate student staff member fall within the purview of a Graduate Administrative/Professional.  For example, a Graduate Administrative/Professional might have responsibilities in a library, a development office, Intercollegiate Athletics, or the Office of the Dean of Students that are unrelated to the instruction of students in a course.  Graduate staff with athletic coaching or academic advising responsibilities should be classified as Graduate Administrative/Professionals.  Graduate Administrative/Professionals are permitted in academic areas.

Graduate Aide: Graduate staff at Purdue’s Calumet (PUC), Fort Wayne (PFW), or North Central (PNC) campuses.

Minimum Salaries Per Appointment Level (2019‐2020)

Position Title Academic Year Fiscal Year


Graduate Lecturer- West Lafayette


$16,965 $25,447 $33,929 $10,178 $20,358 $30,536 $40,715

Graduate Staff - West Lafayette

Administrative/Professional Graduate Research Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant

$7,724 $15,448 $23,172 $30,896 $9,269 $18,538 $27,806 $37,075

Graduate Staff - Purdue Ft. Wayne

Graduate Administrative/Professional Graduate Research Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant

$6,896 $13,792 $20,689 $27,585 $8,275 $16,551 $24,827 $33,102

Graduate Staff - Purdue Northwest

Graduate Administrative/Professional Graduate Teaching Assistant
Graduate Research Assistant

$5,630 $11,260 $16,890 $22,520 $6,758 $13,516 $20,274 $27,032
  1. Policies for graduate staff and degree and registration requirements for all graduate students are outlined below.
  2. All appointments require that services be performed at the Capacity Utilization Level (CUL) specified.
  3. Unless a graduate staff appointment of at least 50.00 CUL is held, no graduate staff appointment of less than 25.00 CUL may be made. Two 25.00 CUL graduate staff appointments are permitted.
  4. A combination of appointments is possible. Appointments beyond 50.00 CUL, to a maximum of 100.00 CUL, may be made. However, additional graduate staff appointments (that are less than 25.00 CUL) must be at least 5.00 CUL, and should be 5.00 CUL, 10.00 CUL, 15.00 CUL, or 20.00 CUL.
  5. Graduate Aide appointments may be made only at PUC, PFW, and PNC.
  6. Each college/school will establish graduate staff salaries appropriate for their departments within the limits established by this document. Salaries of continuing appointees will be reviewed annually. Adjustments for merit and/or increased responsibilities may be made by the department head.
  7. University-wide salary levels will be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary.
  8. Exceptions must be approved by the dean of the Graduate School.

Policies for Graduate Staff

  1. To be eligible to hold a graduate staff appointment during any session, an individual must be enrolled as a graduate student in a degree or teacher license program and be registered for at least three credit hours of graduate-level course and/or research work during the entire appointment period.  (Graduate staff on appointment during the summer are obligated to register for a minimum of three graduate hours during at least one of the summer modules.)  When appropriate, graduate staff may register for “Examination Only” or “Degree Only”.  For more information, see Policies and Procedures for Administering Graduate Student Programs (Section V-G-2 .)
  2. Students must be engaged in the type of activity for which their position is funded (e.g., students paid from instructional funds must be doing instruction, and students paid from research funds must be doing research, etc.).
  3. To be eligible for a Graduate Lecturer appointment, a student must have passed the preliminary examination.  In addition, a Graduate Lecturer must have completed all courses listed on the plan of study, be enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours of 69900, and have served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for at least four academic sessions prior to appointment as a Graduate Lecturer.  A Graduate Lecturer normally teaches courses greater than the 10000 level. 
  4. Exceptions must be approved by the dean of the Graduate School.

Degree and Registration Requirements for All Graduate Students

In fulfilling degree requirements, a maximum of 18 credit hours (from one or more institutions) will be allowed from any one semester.  A maximum of 9 credits (from one or more institutions) taken during Summer Session, are permitted to fulfill graduation requirements. Beginning with new students enrolling in Fall 2016, Krannert master’s students may use a maximum of 19 credit hours taken during the fall and spring semesters and 13 credit hours taken during the summer session to fulfill degree requirements. 

The total number of hours of academic credit used to satisfy degree requirements consists of all graduate course credit hours with a grade of C- or better (B- or better for 30000- or 40000-level courses) that appear on the plan of study and research credit hours with grades of S that appear on the Purdue transcript.

  1. Master’s Degree:
    1. At least one-half of the total credit hours used to satisfy degree requirements must be earned while registered at Purdue University.
    2. More than 50 percent of the Purdue credits must be earned through the campus where the degree is conferred.
    3. At least 30 total credit hours are required.
  2. Doctor of Philosophy Degree:
    1. At least one-third of the total credit hours used to satisfy degree requirements must be earned while registered for doctoral study at Purdue University.
    2. At least 90 total credit hours are required.
    3. A master’s degree or professional doctoral degree from any accredited institution may be considered to contribute up to 30 credit hours toward satisfying this requirement at the discretion of the student’s graduate program.