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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix S

Request for Approval for Graduate Faculty to Pursue a Graduate Degree


The Policies and Procedures for Administering Graduate Student Programs manual states:
Section I under Graduate Faculty: “A tenure-track faculty member who has received approval of the dean of the Graduate School and the provost (via a request to the dean of the Graduate School) to pursue a graduate degree (see Appendix S) while remaining in faculty status will be changed to an appropriate “Special Graduate Faculty Appointment” while pursuing the degree.”
Section III under Admissions: “Purdue employees who hold a Graduate Faculty appointment on a Purdue campus may take graduate courses, but may work for advanced degrees at Purdue only under certain conditions and with prior approval of the dean of the Graduate School.” [The provost’s approval, upon a recommendation from the dean, is also required.]

A memorandum addressed to the dean of the Graduate School, accompanied, with the following material, should be submitted electronically to the Graduate Programs Office, gradcncl@purdue.edu:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Academic Interests:
    • research interests
    • the purpose for study for the Ph.D. degree
    • the benefit to the Department/School with explanation of how the degree will enhance work performance.
  3. Possible Conflict of Interest:
    • Description of how he/she plans to remove him/herself from possible conflicts of interest. Please note that in addition to not being included on home department faculty committees and enrolling in home department graduate courses, he/she will not be permitted to serve as the major professor on graduate student committees. Any restrictions in serving on departmental or college committees pertaining to graduate student admission or dismissal, awarding of assistantships or fellowships, and graduate program policy, including academic programs, should be described. 
  4. Supporting Documentation:
    • Supporting documentation from the primary committee, department head, and dean in the college. [Documentation from primary committee required only if tenure-track faculty member]
    • Detailed description for plans to complete degree