May 19, 2024  
2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog

Undergraduate Certificates

The below list of certificates are active as of June 1, 2022. Please visit the Office of the Registrar website for a dynamic list of active programs. 

Certificate Name Program Code Certificate Code College
Acting: Communication through Performance Certificate    CACP-CERT CACP College of Liberal Arts
Applications in Data Science Certificate   ADSC-CERT ADSC College of Science
Collaborative Leadership Certificate    CLDP-CERT CLDP College of Education
Cornerstone Certificate    CSTN-CERT CSTN College of Liberal Arts
Deans Scholar Certificate    DEAN-CERT DSPG College of Agriculture
Digital Humanities Certificate   ITDS-CERT DGHM College of Liberal Arts
DiversiKey Certificate    DIVK-CERT DIVK College of Liberal Arts
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate   ENTR-CERT ENTR Office of the Provost - Teaching and Learning
Environmental and Sustainability Studies Certificate   CESS-CERT CESS College of Liberal Arts
Gerontology Certificate   HDFS-CERT GERO College of Health & Human Sciences
Industrial Selling Certificate   IDSL-CERT IDSL College of Agriculture
Landscape Management and Turf Management Certificate    LMTM-CERT LMTM College of Agriculture
Leadership Development Program Certificate   LDRDEV-CERT LDDP College of Agriculture
Learning Beyond the Classroom Certificate   SCI-CERT LBC College of Science
Medical Humanities Certificate    CMEH-CERT CMEH College of Liberal Arts
Music Technology Certificate   MSCT-CERT MSCT College of Liberal Arts
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Certificate   PHMF-CERT PHMF Office of Professional Practice
Public Policy Certificate   CPUP-CERT CPUP College of Liberal Arts
Science and Technology Studies Certificate   STS-CERT STS College of Liberal Arts
Semiconductors and Microelectronics Certificate   SEMI-CERT SEMI Office of Professional Practice
Sports Studies and Production Certificate   SSPR-CERT SSPR College of Liberal Arts
Systems Certificate   SYSTEMS-CERT SYST College of Engineering (Purdue System Collaboratory)
Teaching Secondary Education Computational Thinking Certificate   TCT-CERT TCT Polytechnic Institute
Theatre Lighting Certificate   CTHL-CERT CTHL College of Liberal Arts
Industry Coop Ed Program ICEP-COOP ICEP All
Extensive Industry Coop Ed Program   EICP All