Apr 15, 2024  
2023-2024 University Catalog 
2023-2024 University Catalog

College of Agriculture Pass/No Pass Policy

Undergraduate Students enrolled in the College of Agriculture (CoA) may take courses under the Pass/Not-Pass (P/NP) option subject to the following regulations:

  1. A student must be classified as a sophomore or higher and have a minimum 2.0 graduation index.

  2. A student may elect the P/NP option for elective* courses and selective+ courses only;

    1. a department/academic unit can prohibit/limit the courses on departmental selective lists that are eligible to be taken P/NP for students in their department’s plans of study.

    2. if a department requires a course that is only offered via the P/NP grade mode then the student may use that option for the course on the plan of study.

  3. A maximum of 18 credits of elective*/selective+ courses under the P/NP grading option can be used toward graduation requirements.

  4. Courses that are required as part of a CoA minor cannot be taken using the P/NP option.  Courses that are selectives in a minor may be taken P/NP, unless otherwise stipulated by the department granting the minor.  No more than half the total credits required for a CoA minor can be taken P/NP.

  5. Standard registration procedures, such as the rules governing drop/add, withdrawal from courses, etc., will be followed.  The deadlines for when the grade mode of a course can be modified can be found on the drop/add/modify calendar.

  6. A student who, while enrolled in another school or college at Purdue University, passes a course under the P/NP option which is part of the CoA Core or a department/academic unit and subsequently switches/CODOs into a CoA program that requires that course, must seek college/departmental/academic unit approval (as appropriate**) to use the P/NP grade in the course to satisfy a program requirement.

  7. When a student repeats a course, P/NP cannot be used to replace a previous letter grade.  If a student repeats a course in which they already received a P/NP, their grade mode will be P/NP by default.  Students who need a letter grade in the repeated course must contact the registrar’s office directly to seek an exception,

  8. Unusual circumstances may be appealed to the Senior Assistant Director and Head Academic Advisor in OAP.


+Selective course is defined as a course that is on a list of three or more courses, any one of which may be used to satisfy a requirement in a plan of study.

*Electives are defined as any credits that are not required for your degree program except to meet the minimum credits required for graduation (e.g 120, 124, 128).

** College requirements need college-level approval; department/ unit requirements only require department/ unit-level approval.