May 25, 2020  
2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Curriculum Council Representatives

Council Membership

The membership of the Undergraduate Curriculum Council is comprised of one faculty representative from each College, the Krannert School of Management, and Libraries as voting members. In addition, non‐voting members will be added to represent the University Senate, regional campuses, a member of the PWL Registrar’s office, PWL Student Government, a head academic advisor, and a representative from the Provost’s Office. Faculty members will serve a 3‐year term. A faculty representative may serve no more than two consecutive terms before new faculty representatives are appointed. The faculty in each College/School will select its representative to the UCC. (University Senate document 11-7, as amended February 20, 2012)

Council Leadership

The leadership of the UCC will consist of a Chair-elect, a Chair and a Past-chair. These individuals will work closely together.

  • Each year the UCC nominates a Chair-elect from the membership of the UCC.
  • The Chair-elect will serve a one-year term beginning at the conclusion of the academic year. The Chair-elect will then advance to the office of Chair for one year followed by the office of Past-chair for one year. The Past-chair will rotate off the UCC following completion of his/her term.
  • If the UCC fails to successfully nominate a Chair-elect or the Chair-elect cannot succeed the current Chair, the current Chair may be nominated by the UCC to continue for an additional year as Chair and a new Chair-elect will be nominated following the normal procedure. (Undergraduate Curriculum Council minutes, April 24, 2014)