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2018-2019 University Catalog 
2018-2019 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Psychological Sciences

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Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes (thought) where the focus is on individuals. The word psychology comes from the Greek words “psyche” (mind) and “logos” (knowledge of). Psychology, as a recognized field of study, has only been around for a little over a hundred years, but people have had discussions of human behavior for centuries.

The Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue is consistently among the top 50 psychology departments in the US (out of more than 300). The many professors you will have in class wear a number of different hats. They conduct and publish research that advances the field of psychology and train graduate students. They also teach more than 90% of our undergraduate classes, giving you the opportunity to learn from several of them during your time at Purdue.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, your career opportunities will be many and varied. You could obtain advanced training in Psychology or seek a career in affiliated fields such as clinical social work, social work, mental health counseling, marriage & family therapy, or school counseling. Another option is to enroll in a graduate program in such fields as law, medicine, or business. Your knowledge of psychology will be invaluable in all these areas. You may also choose to take a job immediately after graduation, in diverse settings such as a hospital, group home, government agency, business or industry, applying your skills in areas such as personnel selection, advertising, consumer-product research, or public opinion polling. Because you will learn about many aspects of psychology while at Purdue, you will be well-prepared for many career opportunities.

Areas of Psychology

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Contact Information

Psychological Sciences
Psychological Sciences Building
703 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: (765) 494-6061
Fax: (765) 496-1264

Graduate Information

For Graduate Information please see Psychological Sciences Graduate Program Information .




      Psychological Sciences

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