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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Humanities Certificate

About the Program

The Medical Humanities Certificate provides students with an understanding of how human experience, medical practice, and scientific technology intersect. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the program emphasizes how bioscience and health care take place within specific cultural and social contexts. The demand for professionals who can synthesize the ethical, social, historical, and practical aspects of health care continues to grow. This certificate will aid graduates pursuing degrees in pharmacy, medicine, occupational therapy, and other health professions, as well as law and graduate school programs to stand out.

Requirements for the Certificate (18 credits)

A. Required Courses (12+ credits)

Other electives may be considered with a medical humanities focus with the permission of the program director.

Category 2: Social Sciences (6+ credits)

B. Interdisciplinary Capstone Project (3 credits)

  • Select one 400-500 level class from the elective list which must be focused on a Medical Humanities project.


  • Students must earn a “C-” or better. The P/NP option is not available.
  • At least 50% of credits for the CLA certificate must be from Purdue University.
  • Courses marked with (*) are variable title and/or variable credit courses. These courses may be applied to the Medical Humanities Certificate only in cases where the content is extensively relevant to Medical Humanities.


The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements.

The myPurduePlan powered by DegreeWorks is the knowledge source for specific requirements and completion.