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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Materials Science General Education Supplemental Information

The General Education Program for Materials Engineering Students (18 credits)

Humanities and social sciences courses encompass the breadth of human experience and culture, both past and present, including individual behavior, social and political structures, aesthetic values, modes and dynamics of communication, philosophical and ethical thought, and cognitive processes.  Such courses are an integral part of all engineering curricula which complements technical and professional content by enabling engineering students to appreciate the world in which they live and work, and to contribute as both educated members of society and aware, ethical professionals.  Humanities and social sciences courses also provide a framework for rational inquiry, critical evaluation, judgment and decisions when dealing with issues that are non-quantifiable, ambiguous, or controversial.  Of equal importance, they offer opportunities for engineering students to develop interests and insights that guide, enrich and expand their perceptions of the world they live in.  The General Education Program in the School of Materials Engineering consists of the Foundational Learning Outcomes in Purdue’s Core Curriculum plus 9 credit hours from a course list maintained by the School of Materials Engineering.  For the General Education program, the following requirements also apply:

  • Students must earn a grade of C- or better in courses that satisfy Foundational Learning Outcomes.
  • At least six credit hours must be at the 30000 level or above, or from courses with a required pre-requisite in the same department
  • No more than 6 credit hours from the Colleges of Engineering, Science, and Technology.

Foundational Learning Outcomes (9 credits)

To satisfy the six Foundational Learning Outcomes, students must select from a list of courses maintained by the Office of the Provost as part of Purdue’s Undergraduate Outcomes-based Core Curriculum.

Taken during the First-Year Engineering Program:

  1. Written Communication
  2. Informational Literacy
  3. Oral Communication

One course should also be taken from each of the following Foundational Learning Outcomes for a total of 9 credit hours:

  1. Humanities - Credits: 3.00
  2. Bahavior/Science - Credits: 3.00
  3. Science, Technology, & Society - Credit Hours: 3.00

MSE Programmatic Requirements (9 credits)

The following list contains the courses currently approved to complete the 9 credits in the General Education Program for Materials Engineering.  The list is updated periodically.  If a student is interested in a course not listed, but is thought to fulfill the purpose of the General Education program as described above, the student may petition the undergraduate committee for its inclusion.