Nov 24, 2020  
2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biomedical Engineering Supplemental Selectives - Technical

Technical Engineering Electives (15 Credits)

Below are the courses approved by the BME Curriculum Committee. Any student can petition to get a course added to this list by completing and submitting the Course Approval Request Form (available on the BME website).

Please access myPurdue to confirm the semester courses are offered. They can change due to instructor availability and course offering rotation. In some cases an override may have to be requested.

BME Technical Engineering Elective Policy:

A total of 15 credit hours must be completed with the following requirements:

  • Two 3-credit hour Quantitative Breadth (QB) courses, one of which must be a Data Science-focused QB course.
  • Six credit hours may be at the 300-level.
  • At least one 3 credit hour BME course must be taken at the 400-level from the Biomedical Engineering list.
  • The 400-level BME Technical Elective course must be successfully completed with a B or above before any 500-level BME course can be taken. This 400-level tech elective must be a 400-level from the Biomedical Engineering curriculum.
  • Only one Regulatory Elective can count toward the technical elective requirement.
  • One 3-credit course of the technical elective requirements may be satisfied with any of the following approved mentored experiential learning options (must complete all in the same category):
    • 3 credits of EPICS (200-level or higher)
    • 3 credits of BME Research Scholars Program (BME 39500 Research Scholars I, BME 49500 Research Scholars II, and BME 595 Leadership & Impact in BME)
    • 3 credits of BME 49800 research for credit (with research syllabus)
  • Students enrolling in a BME course cross-listed with another department should register for the BME section on myPurdue

Quantitative Breadth (6 credits)

Choose one course from the Data Science Focused QB course list, and a second one from either QB list.

Other Technical Engineering Electives