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2019-2020 University Catalog 
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appendix D

Proposal Format and Content

Full proposals for a new degree consist of a cover page, signature page, the one-page Executive Summary, the six sections required by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE),  Appendices A, B, and C, and Tables 1 and 2 (required by ICHE). Templates are provided for the Cover Page, Signature Page, the one-page Executive Summary, Tables 1 & 2, and a worktable to assist you in preparing Table 2.  The worktable should not be included in the proposal. The financial officers for your area should be engaged in completing the tables.

The six sections required by ICHE should in total be between 8 and 15 pages. In addition to these 8-15 pages and Tables 1 and 2, additional materials such as sample plans of study, survey results, and letters of support may be included as appendices. You will find the 10 question checklist used by the Graduate Council Area Committee for its review of degree proposals at the end of this document. Proposers are strongly encouraged to make sure that all ten questions on the checklist are clearly addressed. An example proposal may be found on the Graduate Programs Office webpage, https://www.purdue.edu/gradschool/academics/gpo.html.

Format and Content

Cover Page

Signature Page

Executive Summary

Six sections required by ICHE  (8-15 pages)

  1. Characteristics of the Program
    1. Campus(es) Offering Program
    2. Scope of Delivery (Specific Sites or Statewide)
    3. Mode of Delivery (Classroom, Blended, or Online)
    4. Other Delivery Aspects (Co-ops, Internships, Clinicals, Practica, etc.)
    5. Academic Unit Offering Program
  2. Rationale for Program
    1. Institutional Rationale (e.g. Alignment with Institutional Mission and Strengths)
    2. State Rationale
    3. Evidence of Labor Market Need
      1. National, State, or Regional Need
      2. Preparation for Graduate Programs or Other Benefits
      3. Summary of Indiana DWD and/or U.S. Department of Labor Data
      4. National, State, or Regional Studies
      5. Surveys of Employers or Students and Analyses of Job Postings
      6. Letters of support (nominally five letters are sufficient)
  3. Cost of and Support for the Program
    1. Costs
      1. Faculty and Staff
      2. Facilities
      3. Other Capital Costs (e.g. Equipment)
    2. Support
      1. Nature of Support (New, Existing, or Reallocated)
      2. Special Fees above Baseline Tuition
  4. Similar and Related Programs
    1. List of Programs and Degrees Conferred
      1. Similar Programs at Other Institutions
      2. Related Programs at the Proposing Institution
    2. List of Similar Programs Outside Indiana
    3. Articulation of Associate/Baccalaureate Programs
    4. Collaboration with Similar or Related Programs on Other Campuses
  5. Quality and Other Aspects of the Program
    1. Credit Hours Required/Time To Completion
    2. Exceeding the Standard Expectation of Credit Hours
    3. Program Competencies or Learning Outcomes
    4. Assessment
    5. Licensure and Certification
    6. Placement of Graduates
    7. Accreditation
  6. Projected Headcount and FTE Enrollment and Degrees Conferred (see tables provided)

Appendix A   

Curriculum and Requirements

  1. Admissions Requirements
  2. Curriculum Requirements
  3. Sample Curriculum
  4. Existing courses in the proposed curriculum
  5. Courses to be added

Appendix B

List relevant program faculty members and administrators. Include area of specialization for each faculty member.

Appendix C      

Specific courses will need to be set up when a new degree program is approved.  Include Form 40G’s for any of the following courses that you will need: Special Topics, Variable Title/Variable Credit Courses, Independent Study Courses, and Research Credit Courses. You will need to contact the Registrar’s Office to obtain available course numbers. These course requests may be approved administratively by the Graduate School and do not require signatures of the head and dean.

A Completed COVER PAGE should be provided using the following template:


A Completed SIGNATURE PAGE should be provided using the following template:


Table 1 
Question 3a: Cost of and Support for the Program
Detail on Direct Program Costs
Purdue XXX Campus
BS in XXX Program

Table 2 
Data for Question # 6
Projected Headcount and FTE Enrollment and Degrees Conferred

Program and Completions Worktable  

(Backup table for Budget and Fiscal Planning only - not distributed to Board of Trustees or CHE)

Annual Totals By Fiscal Year (Use SIS Definitions)
Purdue XXX Campus
MS in XXX Program

Graduate School Degree Proposal Review Criteria
Ten Question Checklis

  1. New degree programs should be in alignment with the university’s mission and address a national, regional, or State need. [explained in section 2]
    Does the rationale for the program have merit and is it consistent with the mission of the school?
  2. Sufficient job opportunities should be available for students who graduate from the program. Graduates are expected to be employable in their field of study. [sections 2 and 5f]
    Do the job opportunities for graduates justify having the program?
  3. The program should have sufficient institutional resources to support students (as needed), support faculty members, and provide facilities to sustain the program in steady state. [section 3]
     Is the proposed program sustainable?
  4. Facilities should be adequate to support the academic quality of the program. [section 3]
    Are the facilities adequate to support the program?
  5. Programs should have an appropriate number of credit hours. [section 5]
    Are the credit hours appropriate?
  6. Proposals should provide sufficiently detailed learning outcomes, defining competencies students are expected to have after graduation. [section 5]
    Are the learning outcomes appropriate?
  7. New programs are expected to attract and enroll a sufficient number of students to justify the university investment in the program. [section 6, table 2]
    Are the enrollment projections reasonable?
  8. New degree programs are expected to have high quality and rigor, comparable to campus peers or aspirational peer institutions. [Appendix A    and section 5]
    Does the curriculum have sufficient quality and rigor?
  9. Faculty with appropriate expertise should be in place, sufficient in number to support targeted enrollments. [Appendix B]
    Does the program have sufficient faculty with appropriate expertise?
  10. A CIP code should be proposed that is appropriate for the degree. [Appendix B]
    Is the CIP code specified by the proposer appropriate?