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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Combined Degree Programs

A combined-degree program is reserved for exceptional students and results in the joining of curricula of an existing baccalaureate or professional degree program and an existing master’s degree program within the Purdue University system. Combined degree programs formally approved by the participating academic units and the Graduate School may use a limited number of free elective credit hours of 50000- and 60000-level coursework taken to satisfy the baccaluareate or professional degree on the master’s degree plan of study. The maximum number of free elective course credits which may be counted for the master’s degree varies with the total credit hours required for the master’s degree (as shown below). Undergraduate excess credits cannot be used in combination with the credits already used in a combined degree program.

Master’s Degree Required Credit Hours Maximum Number of Credit Hours (From Free Electives)
30-39 9
40-49 12
50-59 15
60-+ 18

Approved Combined Degree Programs

Undergrad Program: Graduate Program:
B.S. in Management M.B.A. (Management)
B.S. in Chemical Engineering M.B.A. (Management)
B.S. in Management M.S. in Management
B.A. in Communication M.S. in Management
B.S. in General Health Sciences M.B.A. in Management
B.S. in Industrial Engineering M.B.A. (Management)
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering M.B.A. (Management)
B.S.I.M in Industrial Management M.B.A. (Management)
B.S. in STEM Disciplines M.S. in Economics
B.S. (Various Depts. in Agriculture) M.S. (Various Depts. in Agriculture)
B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology M.S. in Engineering Technology
B.S. in Aviation Technology M.S. in Aviation and Aerospace Management
B.S. in Statistics M.S. in Statistics
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology M.S. in Engineering Technology
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering M.S. in Biomedical Engineering (thesis)
B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology M.S. in Computer Graphics Technology
B.S. in Computer Science M.S. in Computer Science
B.S. with Various Undergraduate Programs M.P.H in the College of Health and Human Sciences
B.S. in Psychological Sciences or B.S. in Brain and Behavioral Sciences M.S. in Management (HRM concentration)

B.S. in various undergraduate programs

Professional Degree: Graduate Degree:
Pharm. D. Ph.D. in Pharmacy
Pharm. D. M.S.I.A.