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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Indiana Transfer Single Articulation Pathway - TSAP

TSAP -Indiana Transfer Single Articulation Pathway

In collaboration with state institutions in Indiana, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) has established this program so that students in selected majors may complete an associate’s degree at an Indiana community college and transfer into a related field at a four-year public university in Indiana where credits earned for the associate’s degree will apply toward the bachelor’s degree. To take advantage of this program at Purdue, students must meet established admission criteria for the respective major, some of which are highly competitive or not available to transfer students because of popularity and limited capacity. For more information about the majors the state has selected for this program, view “Single Articulation Pathways” on this ICHE web page. For information about the implementation of this program at Purdue and the related Purdue majors, contact admissions@purdue.edu.


The courses mapped for this TSAP associate’s degree are based upon a set of competencies agreed upon across all of the public institutions and are the minimum competencies for transfer in this major. After a statewide review process, some four-year universities may have specific competencies required that are not included in this mapping and may limit the admission options for TSAP students. To increase the likelihood of student success, TSAP advisors in the two-year programs are encouraged to contact the academic advising offices in the major area of the TSAPs at the four-year institutions to discuss the minimum criteria for admission.

It is important that individual students review the published TSAP admission criteria at the specific university/campus to which they wish to transfer. This should be done at the beginning of their enrollment as a TASP student at either Ivy Tech or Vincennes University. Understanding admission and degree requirements will facilitate student success. The universities in the state of Indiana are committed to the success of TSAP students, and student success is a three-way partnership among students and the academic advisors at both institutions. A lack of communication after students enroll in a TSAP could result in a misunderstanding of the admission requirements to a specific four-year institution and/or TSAP program, such as minimum grades, specific course sequences, etc., and such misunderstanding could affect the time to graduation.