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2017-2018 University Catalog 
2017-2018 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Area Committees of the Graduate Council

(includes voting and non-voting)

  1. (Behavioral Sciences)
  • Yan Ping Xin, EDST, chair
  • Joy L. Colwell (PNW-H), OLS**
  • Melissa M. Franks, HDFS
  • Mary E. Johnson, ATT
  • Signe E. Kastberg, C&I
  • David B. Klenosky, HK
  • Mohammad Zahraee, (PNW-H) ET
  1. (Special Committee As Needed)

  2. (Engineering, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences)
  • Lucy M. Flesch, EAPS, chair
  • David S. Cochran, SysEng (IPFW)
  • Carlos M. Corvalan, FDSC
  • Marius D. Dadarlat, MATH
  • (Vincent) Jo Davisson, MCMP
  • Takashi Hibiki, NE
  • Michael C. Loui, ENED
  • Samuel P. Midkiff, ECE
  • Paul Salama (IUPUI), ECE
  • Steven F. Son, ME


  1. (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Manushag (Nush) Powell, ENGL, chair
  • William B. (Bart) Collins, COMM
  • Michael J. Connolly, HIST/PHIL (PNW-W)


  1. (Life Sciences)
  • Natalie J. Carroll, YDAE, chair
  • Ryan A. Cabot, ANSC
  • Susan M. Mendrysa, BMS
  • Nancy Pelaez, BIOL
  • David G. Skalnik (IUPUI), BIOL**
  • Carol S. Sternberger(IPFW),NUR**
  1. (Management Sciences)
  • Jun Xie, STAT, chair
  • Kuan-Chou Chen, (PNW-W), MGMT**        
  • Brian R. Dineen, MGMT
  • Chong Xiang, ECON


Theses and Publication Committee:

  • Rhonda G. Phillips, Chair; James L. Mohler (Ex Officio)
  • Council Members: To be determined
  • Additional Members:  Ashlee J. Messersmith, Manager Thesis/Dissertation Office

*Nonvoting Faculty Member Appointed to Serve on the Area Committee
**Nonvoting Graduate Council Member