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2015-2016 University Catalog 
2015-2016 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental and Ecological Engineering Minor

The minor in Environmental and Ecological Engineering consists of six courses (17 or 18 credits), and is available to any student at Purdue who has met the co- and/or pre-requisites for courses in the EEE course sequence. The minor includes four required courses (or course options), and two courses proposed by the student (six credits).  The student proposed courses must be relevant to some aspect of EEE. A list of suggested student proposed courses is available on the EEE website. However, students are not limited to courses on this list.

Once a student has proposed a sequence of courses for the EEE minor, this will be submitted to a curriculum committee, which will approve the sequence. When the student has successfully completed the sequence of courses (earning at least a 2.0 grade point average over the entire sequence), that student will be granted a minor in EEE.

Typical Offering Frequency

EEE 35000 /CE 35000  every semester

ABE 32500  every fall

Typical Offering Frequency

every semester

Typical Offering Frequency

ME 59700  every fall

EEE 43000  every spring

Typical Offering Frequency

every spring


  • Course from EEE Minor Selective List - Credit Hours: at least 3.00
  • Course from EEE Minor Selective List - Credit Hours: at least 3.00


Depending on the course requirements of the student’s major, the number of additional credits to earn an EEE minor may be less than 17 or 18. For example, a course that is required for the student’s major may be chosen as a student proposed course, as long as that course clearly is related to environmental and ecological engineering topics.