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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Family and Consumer Sciences Education, BS

About the Program

Making a difference in the lives of young people is what Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education is all about. As a family and consumer sciences educator, you can make a lifelong impact. You can help students develop the ability to become independent, to assume family and community roles, and to succeed in the workplace. Students in FCS benefit from extensive field experiences in schools and community agencies.

Purdue’s FCS Education graduates are in high demand and often receive several job offers. Because the program is aligned with national standards, you will not only have met requirements for an Indiana teacher’s license, but you’ll also be prepared to teach anywhere in the United States. FCS Education is an interdisciplinary program between the College of Health and Human Sciences and the College of Education.

Degree Requirements and Supplemental Information

The full Program Requirements for 2016-17 Family and Consumer Sciences Education  include all Supplemental Information and selective lists of those categories which a student must fulfill in order to earn their degree. These are intended to be printer-friendly, but include less descriptive course detail.

Please see below for program requirements and the necessary degree fulfillments.

120-127 credits

Major Requirements - Family & Consumer Sciences Content (99-101 credits)

Maintain a minimum Content GPA of 2.50/4.00.

Content-Area Selectives - select 6 credits - course content must be related to family & consumer sciences

(●if doing concentration, must take STAT 11300  and it also fulfills Sci, Tech & Society Core)
(●if doing concentration, must take HDFS 34300 , HDFS 34800 , or HDFS 34100 )

Professional Education

Maintain a Professional Education GPA of 3.00/4.00 with no grade lower than a “C-” and no incompletes for any single professional education course.

Family & Consumer Sciences Education

Required Courses in Other Departments (17-26 credits)

Electives (0-1 credits)


120-127 semester credits required for Bachelor of Science degree (120-124 if doing Human Services Concentration)

At least 32 credits of coursework required at 300 level or higher to meet graduation requirements.

Minimum 2.80 grade point average required to qualify for admission to teacher education and student teaching. Students must meet criteria for admission to the Teacher Education program. Complete information and requirements are listed at http://www.teach.purdue.edu/current_st/index.html.

University Foundational Learning Outcomes List


● OPTIONAL Human Services Concentration Requirements (XHSB)

Program Requirements

16 Credits

17 Credits

12-14 Credits

15 Credits

15 Credits

16 Credits

13 Credits

Spring 4th Year

Professional Semester 4

16 Credits


1 CSR 215 and CSR 21501 is only a spring course
2 If completing the Human Services Concentration, must complete HDFS 33100  instead of EDCI 35000 
3 If completing the Human Services Concentration, must complete HDFS 32500 
4 If completing the Human Services Concentration, Take STAT 11300 - It will also fulfill Science, Technology, and Society requirement
5 If doing the Human Services Concentration, must take HDFS 34300 , HDFS 34800 , or HDFS 34100  

Foreign Language Courses

Foreign Language proficiency requirements vary by program.  For acceptable languages and proficiency levels, see your advisor:

American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, (ancient) Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Critical Course

The ♦ course is considered critical. A Critical Course is one that a student must be able to pass to persist and succeed in a particular major.