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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Interdisciplinary Studies (Graduate)

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Graduate Certificate in African American Studies

American Studies

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Department/School Head:

School Head: Alfred J. López
Program Head:  Shannon McMullen
Administrative Assistant: Andrea Furrer
Graduate Contact: Brandi Plantenga, 765-496-9629, bplante@purdue.edu


Academic Programs:

Masters and Ph.D. Programs

Founded in the 1960s, the Purdue American Studies program is invested in studying how American culture shapes and influences the ways people live.  The program provides students with opportunities to explore American culture through a diversity of ideas, texts, objects, institutions, practices, and histories, as well as the complex social and political relationships that continue to shape the evolving configurations of Americanness in a transnational context. Our program promotes the crossing of disciplinary boundaries and the interdisciplinary exploration of questions that generate new understandings of colonization, disability, diversity, environmentalism, ethnicity, gender, incarceration, inequality, media, migration, protest, race, sexuality, technology, transnationalism, and violence.    

M.A. and Ph.D. degrees

Concentrations (Areas of Study):

  • Activism, Resistance, and Social Movement Studies
  • Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
  • Design and Material Cultural Studies
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies
  • New Media and Popular Cultural Studies
  • Science, Technology, and Environment Studies
  • Transnational American Studies

Regular Graduate Faculty by Rank:


Kristina Bross
Cheryl Cooky
John Duvall
Rayvon Fouchê
Leonard Harris
Robert Lamb
Alfred Lopez
Nancy Peterson
Kevin Stainback
Ronald Stephens
Sharra Vostral
Laura Zanotti

Associate Professor

David Atkinson
TJ Boisseau
Jake Burdick
Kathryn Cramer
Marlo David
Joseph Dorsey
Jennifer Freeman Marshall
Kim Gallon
Elizabeth Hoffmann
Stacy Holden
Cara Kinnally
Christopher Lukasik
Shannon McMullen
Stephanie Masta
Derek Pacheco
Yvonne Pitts
Ryan Schneider
Monica Trieu

Assistant Professor

Matthew Hannah
Jennifer B Kaufmann-Buhler
Kali Rubaii


Susan Curtis
Nancy Gabin
Christian Knoeller
Bill Mullen

Comparative Literature

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Department/School Administration:

School Head: Venetria K. Patton
Program Head: Beate I. Allert
Graduate Contact: Brandi Plantenga 765-496-9629 - bplante@purdue.edu

Academic Programs:

Master’s and Ph.D. Programs

Comparative Literature takes as its special mandate the teaching and comparing of world literature not only as social documents but also as works of art whose full appreciation depends on the study of languages, an understanding of diversity and globalization, and an appreciation of various media.

Comparative Literature is a Master of Arts and Ph.D. granting program.

Concentrations (Areas of Study):

Comparative Literature at Purdue is especially geared towards studies that cut across traditional national, linguistic, and temporal boundaries, such as Medieval, Renaissance, 18th and 19th Century, Postcolonial, and Global studies. Our affiliated faculty represent interests in multiple literature, film, and theory.

Regular Graduate Faculty by Rank:


Beate I. Allert
German and Comparative Literatures, esp. 18th & 19th centuries; literary theory and culture studies; optics & metaphor; ekphrasis, visual/verbal; travel lit; fables; poetry; sense perceptions; cognition; aesthetics & ethics; international cinema studies

Dorsey Armstrong
British Literature; Arthurian Literature; Medieval Romance; Anglo-Saxon; Gender and Feminist Studies

Thomas Broden
20th-Century French Literature; Semiotics; Fashion and Modern French Culture; History of Modern French Linguistics

Elena Coda
19th and 20th-century Italian literature

Keith Dickson
Comparative Mythology; Ancient Medicine; Greek Literature

Paul B. Dixon
Literature; Literary Theory; Cinema; Comparative Literature

Angelica Duran
British Literature; 16th-century and 17th-century literature, natural philosophy/science, and educational reforms; Comparative Literature

Dino Franco Felluga
British Literature, nineteenth-century literature (especially poetry), media studies, and critical theory

Ariel de la Fuente 
Global History, Latin American History, Latin American Literature, Literary Studies, Intellectual History.

Sandor Goodhart
Dramatic literature (Greek tragedy and philosophy, Shakespeare, modern drama), literary theory and criticism (structuralism and poststructuralism, the history of critical theory)

Shaun Hughes
Old Norse/Icelandic Literature and Culture, Old and Middle English Language and Literature, History of the English Language, British Literature, Postcolonial Literature and World Literatures

Alfred Lopez
English, Latin American Studies

Robert Marzec
Contemporary British & Postcolonial literature

Daniel Morris
20th Century American Literature; American Poetry, 20th Century American Art; Popular Culture; American literature, poetry, and drama; the relationship between American poetry and drama; Jewish-American literature, visual arts

Manushag (Nush) Powell
British Literature

Jennifer William
20th & 21st century literature and film; cognitive approaches to literature; Jewish Studies; Women’s Studies

Associate Professor

Ahmed Idrissi Alami
Arabic and Comparative Literature; Literary Theory; Cultural Studi

Catherine Dossin
Visual Art, Cultural Transfers, Exhibition History, and Historiography

Geraldine Friedman
British Literature, Literature and culture of Romanticism and Sensibility, critical theory, poststructuralism, women’s writing, feminist theory, and theory and history of sexuality

Stacy Holden
Modern Middle East and North Africa, U.S. Engagement with the Arab World

Daniel Hsieh
Chinese and ancient Comparative Literature; poetry

Yonsoo Kim
Iberian Medieval and Golden Age Literature, Paleography, and Text Digitalization, Medicine and Literature, Gender Studies, Religious Studies, and Disability Studies.

Cara Kinnally
Spanish & Portuguese, Latin American Studies, Mexican and Mexican American Literature; Latino/a Studies and Literature; Border Studies; Empire Studies and (Post) Colonia Theory; Critical Race Theory.

Paula Leverage
Old French and Occitan Literature; Cognitive literary analysis; Memory and Rhetoric; Film; Comparative Literature

Aparajita Sagar
English, Women’s Studies, Indian Literature

Dawn F. Stinchcomb
Spanish and Portuguese Literatures, Latin American, African-American , Gender and Sexuality Studies

Margaret Tillman
Asian Studies, China, History

Jeffrey Turco
German Literature, Old Norse, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Germina N. Veldwachter
Francophone Literature, Postcolonial Studies, African-American Studies

Assistant Professor

Pedro Bassoe
Japanese Literature, Comparative Literature

Erin Moodie
Greek and Latin Literature, especially comedy and satire.

Hongjian Route Wang
Modern and contemporary Chinese Literature, film, theater, print media, cultural history; comparative literature, decadence, comedy the avant-garde reflexivity.

Emeritus Faculty

Patricia Hart
Spanish Literature and Film, Spanish XXth Century Literature 

Benjamin Lawton
Italian Cinema and Literature 20/21st Centuries

Charles Ross 
Professor of English, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Howard Mancing
Professor of Spanish & Portuguese, Comparative Literature, and Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Floyd Merrell 
Professor of Spanish & Portuguese, Latin American Studies, and Comparative Literature

Edie Clowes 
Russian Literature

Anthony Tamburri
Italian and Comparative Literature and film

John Kirby 
Antiquity, Classicism

Ute White 
French and Comparative Literature and film and art, postmodern era


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Department/School Administration:

School Head: Alfred J. López
Department Head: Alejandro Cuza
Graduate Director: Olga Dmitrieva
Graduate Contact:  Brandi Plantenga 765-496-9629
- bplante@purdue.edu

Academic Programs:

Masters and Ph.D. Programs

Purdue Linguistics offers thorough training in theoretical and applied linguistics. One of its main strengths is the analysis of bilingual language systems and the characterization of the linguistic and psycholinguistic development of bilingualism.    

  • Students can be admitted at the M.A. level or M.A./Ph.D. track. Students should specify in their applications the program or track into which they seek admission. They are required to specify the faculty members they would like to work with.


Concentrations (Areas of Study):


  • Theoretical and experimental approaches to syntax, phonetics, and phonology
  • Bilingualism in children and adults
  • Second language acquisition
  • Second language acquisition German linguistics (historical linguistics, language contact and change)
  • Japanese linguistics (classroom pedagogy and pragmatics)
  • Sign Language
  • Fieldwork and language documentation

Regular Graduate Faculty by Rank:


Myrdene Anderson
Elena Benedicto
Alejandro Cuza
Atsushi Fukada
*April Ginther
Victor Raskin
*Felicia Roberts
*Tony Silva
Ronnie Wilbur

*Not accepting new students

Associate Professor

Robert Channon
Lori A Czerwionka
Olga Dmitrieva
Alexander Francis
Elaine Francis
Daniel J. Olson
Colleen Neary-Sundquist
*Jessica Sturm
John Sundquist
Mariko Moroishi Wei

*Not accepting new students



 Philosophy and Literature

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Department/School Administration:

School Head: Alfred J. López
Program Head: Daniel W. Smith
Graduate Contact: Brandi Plantenga 765-496-9629
- bplante@purdue.edu



Academic Programs:

Purdue’s interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Philosophy and Literature allows graduate students to develop a plan of study and research that lies at the intersection of the fields of philosophy and literature, broadly conceived.  The program seeks to foster critical and independent thinking while providing cohesive professional training.

Masters and Ph.D. Programs:

Ph.D. only


Regular Graduate Faculty by Rank:


Sandor Goodhart
Elena Coda
Thomas Broden
Leonard Harris
Jacqueline Mariña
Robert P. Marzec
William L. McBride
Arkady Plotnitsky
Thomas J. Rickert
Daniel W. Smith
Jennifer William
Christopher Yeomans


Associate Professor 

Geraldine S Friedman
Ahmed Idrissi Alami


The following Programs are offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the American Studies Program, Comparative Literature Program, and Linguistics Program.  


    DoctoralMaster’sGraduate CertificateProfessional


      African American StudiesAmerican StudiesComparative LiteratureInterdisciplinary StudiesJewish StudiesLinguisticsWomen’s Gender and Sexuality Studies