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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Articulation Agreements/Transfer Single Articulation Programs

Transfer Agreements

Articulation Agreements (Transfer Agreements)

These are agreements between Purdue and the respective institutions on pathways for students to transfer to Purdue or to transfer credit to Purdue. In addition to meeting any criteria listed in these documents, students must meet Purdue’s transfer criteria for their desired major. Look up the transfer requirements for your desired major at Purdue Admissions/Majors at Purdue. If you represent a college wanting to develop an articulation agreement with Purdue University, more information is located here. For a TSAP program, click: TSAP (Transfer Single Articulation Pathways). Agreements with international institutions can be found using the Dual-Degree Program search on our Global Partners page. 

Ivy Tech (transfer website)

Purdue West Lafayette Program

Ivy Tech Program

Agriculture Pathway to Purdue – Agriculture, BS (Multiple Majors)

AS Agriculture

Agricultural Education, BS  


Financial Counseling and Planning, BS  

AS Business Administration (TSAP)

Hospitality and Tourism Management, BS  

AS Business Administration (TSAP)

Insect Biology, BS  


Organizational Leadership, BS  

AS Business Administration (TSAP)

Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences, BS  

Associate of General Studies

Retail Management, BS  

AS Business Administration (TSAP)

Selling and Sales Management, BS  

AS Business Administration (TSAP)

Supply Chain & Sales Engineering Technology, BS  

AS Supply Chain Management/Logistics


Morgan State University

3+2 Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Purdue West Lafayette Program

Morgan State University Program

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, BSAAE  

BS in Civil Engineering

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, BSAAE  

BS in Engineering Physics


Vincennes University (Articulation Agreement website)

Purdue West Lafayette Program

Vincennes Program

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, BSAAE  

AS Engineering Science with Mechanical Engineering Concentration

Polytechnic Statewide Aeronautical Technology, BS  

Polytechnica Approved AS Degree

Agricultural Engineering, BSAGE  

AS Engineering Science

Agriculture, BS  (Multiple Majors)

AS Agriculture

Biological Engineering, BSBE  

AS Engineering Science

Chemical Engineering, BSCHE  

AS Engineering Science with Chemical Engineering Concentration

Civil Engineering, BSCE  

AS Engineering Science with Civil Engineering Concentration

Computer Engineering, BSCMPE  

AS Engineering Science with Computer Engineering Concentration

Construction Engineering, BSCNE  

AS Engineering Science

Electrical Engineering, BSEE  

AS Engineering Science with Electrical Engineering Concentration

Environmental and Ecological Engineering, BSEEE  

AS Engineering Science with Environmental and Ecological Concentration

Industrial Engineering, BSIE  

AS Engineering Science with Industrial Engineering Concentration

Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies/Pre-Med Concentration, BS  

AS Engineering Science

Law and Society, BA  

AA Behavioral Sciences (TSAP)

Materials Engineering, BSMSE  

AS Engineering Science

Mechanical Engineering, BSME  

AS Engineering Science with Mechanical Engineering Concentration

Multidisciplinary Engineering/General Engineering Concentration, BSE  

AS Engineering Science

Polytechnic Statewide Multidisciplinary Technology, BS  

Polytechnic Approved AS Degree

Nuclear Engineering, BSNE  

AS Engineering Science


Wabash College (Transfer Engineering Webpage)

Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Purdue West Lafayette Programs

Chemical Engineering, BSCHE  

Computer Engineering, BSCMPE  

Electrical Engineering, BSEE  

Mechanical Engineering, BSME  

Multidisciplinary Engineering/General Engineering Concentration, BSE  


TSAP (Transfer Single Articulation Pathways)

In collaboration with state institutions in Indiana, the Indiana Commision for Higher Education (ICHE) has established this program so that students in selected majors may complete an associate’s degree at an Indiana community college and transfer into a related field at a four-year public university in Indiana where credits earned for the associate’s degree will apply toward the bachelor’s degree. To take advantage of this program at Purdue, students must meet established admission criteria for the respective major, some of which are highly competitive or not available to transfer students because of popularity and limited capacity.

For more information about the majors the state has selected for this program, view “Single Articulation Pathways” on this ICHE web page. For more information about the implementation of this program at Purdue and the related Purdue majors, see or contact


Purdue West Lafayette

Ivy Tech



TSAP - Biology, BS  

AS Biology (TSAP)

AS Biological, Biomedical Sciences - Biology Concentraiton (TSAP)

Business Administration

TSAP - General Management, BS  

AS Business Administration (TSAP)

AS Business Administration (TSAP)


TSAP - Chemistry, BS  

AS Chemistry (TSAP)

AS Chemistry Sciences - Chemistry & Biochemistry Concentration (TSAP)

Computer Science

TSAP - Computer Science, BS  

AS Computer Science (TSAP)


Criminal Justice

TSAP - Law and Society, BA  

AS Criminal Justice (TSAP)

AS Law Enforcement (TSAP)

Early Childhood Education

TSAP - Early Childhood Education & Exceptional Needs, BS  

AS Early Childhood Education (TSAP)

AS Education - Early Childhood Concentration, Pre-Kindergarten (TSAP)

Electrical Engineering Technology

TSAP - Electrical Engineering Technology, BS  

AS Electrical Engineering Technology (TSAP)


Elementary Education

TSAP - Elementary Education, BA  

AS Elementary Education (TSAP)

AS Education - Elementary Concentration (TSAP)

Human Services

TSAP - Human Services, BS  

AS Human Services (TSAP)


Information Technology and Information

TSAP - Computer & Information Technology, BS  

AS Informatics (TSAP)

AS Information Technology (TSAP)

Mechanical Engineering

TSAP - Mechanical Engineering, BSME  

AS Pre-Engineering (TSAP)

AS Engineering Science - Mechanical, Motorsports, or Energy Engineering Concentration (TSAP)

Mechanical Engineering Technology

TSAP - Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS  

AS Mechanical Engineering Technology (TSAP)



TSAP - Psychological Sciences, BS  

AS Psychology (TSAP)

AA Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Concentration (TSAP)

Secondary Education - Biology

TSAP - Biology Secondary Education, BS  

AS Biology (TSAP)


Secondary Education - Mathematics

TSAP - Secondary Mathematics Education, BS  

AS Mathematics (TSAP)



TSAP - Sociology, BA  


AS Behavioral Sciences - Sociology Concentration (TSAP)

Special Education

TSAP - Special Education/Mild Intervention P-12, BA  

AS Special Education (TSAP)