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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Management



“Take Your Next Giant Leap”

Krannert programs rank in the top 20 public schools of business according to U.S. News and World Report. Our programs in business analytics (BAIM) and supply chain and operations management (SCOM) are in the top 12 in national rankings. The new Integrated Business and Engineering is one of the most innovative hybrid degree plans in the country. Our strategic objective is to be in the top 10 public business schools in the country with one of the most dynamic and experientially rich business programs with interdisciplinary STEM and non-STEM opportunities. Read on to explore our undergraduate majors and learn how Krannert prepares analytical global leaders.


Be CareerBound

With your first step on campus, you will notice the buzz of activity associated with preparing for your academic journey and your future professional career.  Your daily routine is filled with courses and projects but also club activities, networking with alumni and peers, campus jobs and delving into experiential growth opportunities in leadership, communication and team management. Krannert’s CareerBound program provides a framework for continuously strengthening your professional competencies while building your management and technical skillset. In Krannert’s programs, the path toward your lifelong career is built on state -of -the-art courses that provide students with opportunities to immerse themselves in real-world challenges and problem-solving opportunities.


Jump on the Fast Track

Most Krannert students start their journey at a point of entry where they complete a common core of foundational courses for management and economics, along with general core curriculum courses. After earning the GPA required for admission into upper division, students will follow a plan of study associated with a specific major within Krannert. Many students bring in ample AP and dual credits such that they move fast through this entry-level stage to pursue multiple majors, minors, concentrations certificates and internships. And every major offered by Krannert, with the exception of IBE, may be completed within three years.  Krannert’s mission is to facilitate students’ success in designing and completing the plan of study that optimizes every student’s educational and professional objectives.


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Discover your Potential: Live your Dream

Krannert students may aspire to the C-suite to become Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers or Chief People Officers for multi-national organizations. Many pursue careers in public accounting, management consulting, investment banking or data analysis. Others thrive as entrepreneurs and launch successful startups. You will find Krannert graduates working all around the world, using their skills and talents to make the world a better place.


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Krannert advisors and student Management Ambassadors are here to answer your questions and tell you more about Krannert.

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