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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership Development Program Certificate

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Everyone has leadership potential. Let LDCP help you tap yours!

In LDCP you will gain leadership experience tailored to you and your situation, enjoy one-on-one coaching, and develop the “soft skills” employers today are looking for. And when you complete LDCP and earn your certificate, it will appear on your academic transcript.

You are eligible for LDCP if you:

  • Are enrolled as an undergraduate in the Purdue College of Agriculture
  • Have at least three semesters remaining on campus before graduation
  • Remain in good academic standing

Leadership Development Certificate Program

Program’s Philosophy

The following philosophy about leadership was adopted by the College of Agriculture faculty on August 25, 2005. These beliefs serve as the foundation for the Leadership Development Certificate Program.

We believe that all students can and should exercise leadership. Leadership does not require formal authority or position and can be practiced by anyone interested in making a difference in his/her family, workplace, and community.

Leadership is a process of people working together toward common goals that bring about positive change. The effectiveness of leadership is based on trusting relationships. Through this exchange, people influence one another’s thoughts and actions. By incorporating the diverse skills and viewpoints of others, individuals are empowered and group energy is mobilized to pursue collective goals. Decisions are made and actions are taken.

The development of leadership begins with personal initiative and an understanding of one’s passions, motivations, strengths, limitations, and personal values. This also includes an understanding of the ethical nature of leadership as it relates to one’s character and a commitment to act with trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

This process of self-discovery is ongoing and requires a commitment to lifelong learning through getting involved, reflecting on the experience, and stretching oneself to meet new challenges. The purpose of leadership development is not only for the benefit of oneself, but also to enable one to be a more effective leader in addressing important issues that affect oneself and others.

Leadership Competencies

The Leadership Development Certificate Program includes four general areas of leadership development and 13 specific skill areas. The faculty expects you to develop at least one skill in each of the four areas during this program.

  • Personal leadership development
    • Understands leadership
    • Increases self-awareness
    • Practices ethical behavior
    • Sustains leadership over time
  • Interpersonal leadership development
    • Values diversity
    • Enhances communication skills
    • Manages conflict
  • Group and organizational leadership development
    • Develops teams
    • Leads change
    • Manages projects
  • Community leadership development
    • Practices citizenship
    • Understands community
    • Serves others


After you submit a Statement of Intent and a resume, you will be matched with a faculty or administrative professional staff member to guide and support you on your leadership journey. S/he will help you identify your leadership goals, connect you with campus resources, and encourage you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone by seeking out new leadership opportunities. The program, however, is yours, and the quality of your learning experiences is up to you.

Requirements for the Certificate

  1. Submit your Statement of Intent along with your résumé. Application/Statement of Intent

  2. Contact the coach who has been assigned to you.

  3. Complete the Leadership Skills and Attributes Self-Assessment.

  4. Complete a Personal Development Plan for how you will enhance your leadership development in each of the following leadership pillars (personal, interpersonal, group/organization, and community leadership development). 

  5. Complete required badges for all four leadership development pillars (5 points required for each pillar) for a minimum of 20 points total via Passport to complete the program. Each leadership activity is eligible for one, two or three points and is achieved when the coach approves the required written reflections submitted by the students via Passport. Badges for each of the four leadership pillars are achieved when written reflections are approved by coaches via Passport. 

    a. Earn five points for Personal Leadership

    b. Earn five points for Interpersonal Leadership

    c. Earn five points for Group/Organizational Leadership

    d. Earn five points for Community Leadership

  6. Develop an electronic portfolio via Passport that documents your progress on your goals including your personal reflections for each leadership activity and badge completion for the program. ​

Prerequisite Information

For current pre-requisites for courses, click here.


The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements.

The myPurduePlan powered by DegreeWorks is the knowledge source for specific requirements and completion.

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