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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Data Science (CS) Major Change (CODO) Requirements

Major Change (CODO) Requirements

Purdue students interested in changing their major should meet with their current academic advisor to discuss their options and begin the online process. Once the student’s Major Change (CODO) has been processed, students will receive an email with instructions to authorize the change.

Students will need to meet the criteria below to be eligible for this major. A student’s catalog term, typically the semester you started at Purdue, will be used to determine the Major Change criteria that applies to you. Students can find their catalog term at the top of their MyPurduePlan below the degree progress bar.

This major change information below is for the catalog term you are currently viewing; see the University Undergraduate Academic Advising Major Change (CODO) website for prior catalog term criteria, more about the major change process and FAQs.


General Requirements

  • Minimum Semesters:  1
  • Minimum West Lafayette Credit Hours:  12
  • Minimum GPA:  2.75

Other Requirements

  • Students are accepted for FALL, SPRING, and SUMMER
  • Students are admitted on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS ONLY after a holistic review. Space is extremely limited.
  • Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation)
  • All CS and Math courses considered for CODO must be taken for a letter grade on a Purdue campus.
  • Equivalent 10000 and 20000-level Computer Science (CS) transfer credit courses (including credit from regional campuses) may be used to meet degree requirements if those courses were taken prior to admission to the Purdue West Lafayette Data Science, B.S. CS program.
  • CS transfer credit at the 30000-40000-level may not be used to meet degree requirements. An exception to this policy is the application of pre-approved Study Abroad coursework.
  • For CODO purposes, only the first or second attempt of a required CS and Math course will be considered. Course withdrawals are included in this requirement.
  • Students wising to be considered for Data Science program must submit a survey of their interest in in the program.  See College of Science CODO Procedure and Advising for link and more information. This requirement is waived for students (updated 4/2023).

Advising Next Steps

Meet with a Data Science Advisor during Non Major Drop-in Hours or email scienceadvising@purdue.edu with your full name, PUID, and questions if unable to attend the listed nonmajor drop-in times. Data Science is an academic program in both the departments of Computer Science or Statistics. Students will receive advising support to determine which department will best fit their career goals once admitted to the program.