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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Science Policies

College of Science Core Requirements

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College of Science Academic Advising Policy Guide

The College of Science maintains policies that govern each student’s relationship with the College and their path to degree completion. CoS policies work in tandem with University regulations and are maintained to ensure a standard and equitable experience for all students. University regulations provide information for all Purdue students on the structure, policy, regulations, and procedures of the University that govern their relationship to the University in both academic and personal progress toward their ultimate educational goals. Students are encouraged to see their academic advisor regarding questions or the need for further information regarding any of the policies contained in this policy guide. 


College of Science Policies


Pass/Not Pass Option Policy
In addition to letter grade options, traditionally assigned to indicate the level of performance in classwork, an alternate grading system, the pass/not pass option, has been established. This option gives students the opportunity to broaden their education with minimal concern for grades earned. A student who is enrolled in a course under this option has the same obligations as those who are enrolled in the course for credit with letter grade.
The Purdue Student Regulation for Semester Grades states: 2. For Credit Courses Taken under Pass/Not-Pass Option P: Passing grade; equivalent to grade A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C or C-. N: Not passing.
College of Science P/NP Option Policy
Only free electives and courses at the 50000-level general education requirement may be taken under the pass/not-pass option. 
The pass/not-pass grade mode may be entered for courses which are not required by a student’s major(s), minor(s) or science core curriculum.
Grade mode Passing is equivalent to at a minimum grade of C- had a letter grade been awarded.
Students may elect to use the pass/not-pass option for no more than 20% of the 124/120 credit requirement for graduation and for no more than two courses per academic year (Fall-Summer).
The pass/not-pass option cannot be elected for a course that has already been completed with a letter grade. University Regulation.
Students may take elective credit while abroad using the P/NP mode.  In the case of universities which only post P/NP, the University will apply a calculation process to determine a letter grade.
Department of Languages and Cultures P/NP policy and Language Placement results. Students must take advanced coursework for a letter grade to receive credit for lower-level language courses.